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What is Wehrly's Auction Services?

Wehrly's Auction Service Inc. is a full service Auction Company using the latest technology with the oldest proven method of marketing. Established in 1968 we have conducted all types of Auctions Real Estate to Fire Arms, Coins, Antiques, Tools and all types of Estate Sales. In 1976 we built our own Auction House and in 2004 we added on our West Wing, allowing us to run two auction rings. In keeping with the times, we are completely computerized. At times we also do some internet Auctions simultaneously with the live in house Auctions. WE ARE A WELL ESTABLISHED AUCTION HOUSE WITH 46 YEARS OF SERVICE BEHIND US.

Wehrly's Auction Service Inc. today is a calibration of many talented & experienced people working together to serve the public in a most professional and knowledgeable way for marketing.

Wehrly's Auction Service Inc. is owned and operated by Scott C. Wehrly, a second generation Auctioneer. Scott has been involved with this auction since he was nine years old and took over control from his dad in Jan. 2001. Scott has been calling bids since the beginning and was licensed as an Apprentice in 1978 and a Full License at the Age of 20. Now 54, he has the benefit of many years experience, working with the Founder his father Charles.

Wehrly's Auction Service Inc. was started by Charles L. Wehrly. In 1966, Charlie, (as we all know him by) attended the Reish School of Auctioneering and after doing a year apprentice in 1968 he conducted his first on site auction. In February 1969, he held his first consignment Auction. In 1976 he built his Dream Auction House. He built his business with a strong farm boy work ethnic and follows two rules: Be honest and Follow the Golden Rule. Young Charles still works every day-hauling, setting up, calling bids or sweeping the floor. He is Scott’s inspiration and #1 Consultant on all important decisions.

SHAWN D CARBAUGH, is a very special part of Wehrly’s Auction. Shawn is the oldest youngest man we know at age 26. He came as an apprentice in 2008. He is like a walking American History Book. His main focus is Early Farm Related Antiques, along with Civil War, WW I and WWII war items. Shawn lived and learned the York Co. Pa. Dutch Farm Life as a child and now speaks PA. Dutch as well as English.

Wehrly’s has many other talented people that they call on to make everything work, and give the Professional Service you deserve for Your Auction.